Monday, July 6, 2009

Teaching Writing

I was asked to team-teach a writing class for Hope Chapel's Creativity Circus this summer. The idea is to stimulate, in two short sessions, lots of ideas for beginners who have stories to tell but no fomal training. It's interesting planning for it, as I have more teaching experience (in visual art) and the other person has more creative writing experience. We are starting with a series of prompts, which seem a lot like the studies I did in life drawing classes. We hope they will be good warm-ups and icebreakers before the students dig into stories of their own choosing.

I may be overreaching, but I want people to take home something concrete, since writing is so cerebral. I am trying to organize a way to print out their final stories and help them make a simple stapled book with a decorative cover. That involves creating a template and bringing a printer or finding a way to use one in one of the offices. It will only work for students who bring a laptop to the workshop. Stay tuned to find out the end of this story!
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